I Told my Sister I’d Write Her a Poem

We’re passengers on an unknown ship, voyagers though life.

We cry, we laugh, through pain or pleasure, thorough harmony and strife.

We’re eating out of tupperwares to spare us all the dishes,

We’re throwing buttons into wells incase they grant our wishes. 

We’re living in sleeping bags on the floor of your tiny room. 

We’re reading secondhand books for hours and watching flowers bloom. 

We’re spending the money we don’t have on things that we don’t need.

We’re being reckless despite ourselves and letting out hearts bleed. 

We’re joking about our pain and death and all we can’t control. 

We’re worrying for our futures, while our fears, they take their tole.

But in the end we’re nothing more then a chess games fucking pawn, 

So we’ll laugh and dance and try our best to keep on keeping on.