A Boat Ride Gone Wrong

I’ll tell you a story of a boat ride gone wrong 

When the waves where too high and the wind blew too strong. 

We’d spent the day diving, a day filled with fun.

And on our way back we where racing the sun. 

The boat hit each wave, bow first, head on, hard,

And even so we’d all let down our guard. 

How many times had we done so before? 

A dozen at least, but probably more.

But then things went wrong, I remember it well. 

Her bow lifted up as she broke on a swell. 

We’d stood up above and seen it play out 

Her captain had just said: “She’ll make it, no doubt.”

So quickly he ran, and so did his crew 

All the while figuring out what to do.

I watched as some wood floated on by 

From the hole in the hull we hoped would stay dry. 

They tied up the bow with plenty of rope, 

And she would be fine, or so we could hope. 

But we had to change course and we had to slow down 

And my parents still feared that all might drown.

There was no land in sight and the sun setting fast 

When out rescue boat approached us at last.

But the waves still to big for the boat to get near

So we’d have to swim, that much was clear.

To my sisters, who’s brave, but afraid of the ocean

Swimming out there was a frightening notion, 

Still, when I jumped first, she followed fast. 

Her fears where my adventure, at last.  

We all made it over with out much delay,

Most of us divers, what more can I say? 

And though it was dark then, and wet, and cold

We’d all gained a story we’ll still tell when we’re old.